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How do I change the Basic settings in Robomow? For RC / MC & RX models

For RC models


The Basic Settings are the most common menu options changed by users. Each of the Basic Settings has an icon on the mower, which is lit to indicate the selected menu option.

To change Basic Settings, press the 'Settings' button.

Every press of the Setting button will move between the following 4 menu options:


   Time and Date

Sets the current day and time.


   Mowing Hours (%) (Intensity)

Increases/decreases the number of mowing hours (in %) needed to cover the lawn size.


   Inactive Time

Sets times when the mower will be inactive. Inactive operating times can be set for the specific day(s) of the week, and for specific hours for all days in the week.



Updates the size of the lawn in case it has been changed.


RX models:

The only setting available via the mower’s panel is Child Protection (Child Lock). All other settings are available via the mobile app (except RX12u).