The robot does not auto-depart from its base station.



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    Attila Nemeth


    I am experiencing similar issue that described above.

    My RC306 is not auto depart from its station for a while. Scheduling is enabled on power box and in the application as well. Active time is enabled. If I remove from docking station and start then it is operating as expected. Battery is seems to be ok as It is still operating for cca. 45 minutes.

    What is strange that if I am connecting to mower via app then It shows "next operation" time as the actual time or even one minute earlier. I also experienced that name of the mower is changed back to the factory settings "RC". Sometimes clock on mower delays to the actual time.

    I tried to follow above instruction however the first part does not functioning for me :

    I am not able to get back any error message or no-depart reason code by pressing OK or HOME.

    "Q1 -Press the OK-button and observe if there is an error displayed on the robot.

    Did you have an error message on the robot’s display?

    If Yes – Follow the error message list which exists in article Error Message Table

    If No (the robot doesn't show any error) – click 'HOME' button and observe the No Depart Reason from the list below:

    Description of No-Depart Codes"

    Pls advise.


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