RX Basic Troubleshooting



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    Paul Wolf

    The mowers seem to be the best brand.  There's no servicing maintenance in my area.  I've done several main board and mow motor replacements besides the batteries.  I am using a pair of Models RX for the two smaller parts of my lawn.  One would be enough most of the season.  I can't hear the beeps well when there's any distracting noises; but, you have those beep codes.  Since it is so difficult to guess which is the defective part/s, I am out of order to mow for weeks to receive them.  Especially so when a miss-diagnosis prompts another part to order.  These are really good mowers and so quiet that they can run while neighbors sleep.  Until popularity increases to the point that repair is available, it would really be great to have better visual indication of which is/are the malfunctioning part/s.  So the correct needed part would be evident.  


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